About The Emmanuel Centre

The Emmanuel Centre was created in 1981 as a Catholic Ministry for people with disabilities/people with other abilities, as well as their families, and carers.

The Emmanuel Centre provides individually tailored, self-help disablility services in an environment that fosters spiritual growth, good mental health and general wellbeing.

Our community is based on discovering what our members need and designing programs around those needs. Currently, we run workshops and programs including arts and crafts, and mental health first aid workshops.

We are an agency of the Catholic Archdiocese of Perth and home to the Catholic Deaf and Hard of Hearing Ministry.

Our guiding principles are:

Self Help: the sharing of gifts and skills of people with a disability and their families. Everyone is encouraged to contribute.

Place: where gifts and skills can be shared to receive help.

Responding to needs: we create programs based on the needs of the individuals who come, rather than have a program and get people to come.

Connection and community: providing opportunity and a welcoming place for sense of belonging and relationships

Advocacy: support the whole person

Accommodation support: have a place for people with disabilities / people with other abilities to live.

Chaplaincy and pastoral care: help people to learn about God.

Spiritual counselling: help people with their lives.

Personal growth and skill development: education support within the church and community settings to help people with disabilities/people with other abilities and their families with their challenges.