November 2022 Newsletter

Reflection on 2022

This has been an interesting year for the Centre. Most importantly we have been able to bring our faith into what we do.  Emmanuel and Catholic Deaf are growing.

We are all making a real effort to put our faith into action.  Trying to bring the light of Christ to those around us, by being like the first Christians who could not say anything but rather attracted people by their actions and its working.  Our monthly Deaf night group includes a short reflection.  We are trying hard to encourage people to look at the good things in life and to look after those they love.

We are producing a signed translation of the Mass.  It’s a huge project, so far we have got the Apostolic and Nicene Creeds, Eucharistic Prayer II and some of the Gospels of Year A done.  These will be put into Powerpoints in sections, so the speed of the translation can match the pace of the Mass.  When released this will enable the parishes if they wish to show the Mass signed, with the words.  It will enable Deaf people access to the liturgy over more of the Archdiocese

This year is the 50th Anniversary of Catholic Deaf and they asked for, a very low-key celebration.  The Deaf group and a few people that have been involved over the years had a BBQ on the 18th of November.

The Activities Group has now run for over 40 years and some of our original members still come.  Shannon does a great job of providing stimulating activities and creating some fantastic art and craft work.  Some of the craft will be on display at our Christmas party.

Mental Health has been a part out Mandate for a while now.  This year we have begun to trial a Mental Health and Spirituality program, which we have reworked, called Do Not Be Afraid to parishes and Church organisations.  The first being delivered to Karrinyup/Innaloo parish and a group from Catholic Outreach.  In late November we will be in Kalgoorlie delivering the program.

Our Mental Health First Aiders group is still running for which we have had masses and meetings for the group during the year.  Fr Mark from the Redemptorist Monastery has been wonderful to us this year by making himself available to say Mass for our group.

We are blessed with supporters who have been with us for many years.  All of you are in our prayers.

by Joe O’Brien

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